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A specialist cost database for Garden Designers

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Adding (Items to your Job) Click on the images to expand them

Once you have created your new Job and clicked -  Next -  your screen should look something like this.




















  • Drop open the Category Box

  • Start typing a keyword

  • Select the required Keyword - In the case below I typed "Clear" as I wished to find Site Clearance














Continue adding Categories as below


Alongside the Category - You can now select from the available options in ITEM (Click on the image below to expand)























Choose the Option you wish to use


  • The Unit will be shown

  • The Rate will be shown

  • Type in the Quantity of your Item (to suit the unit)

  • The Total for that Item will appear


Click the + button on the Right hand side to create your next Item


---- Thats it


Continue until you have completed all the tasks in your project.


Downloading Your Job




Help Start Items Select Category AddItem2